Palliative Care WA State Conference 2016

Palliative Care WA State Conference 2016

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Full Day Conference 30 November 2016

Please refer to the Full Day Conference Overview for session times.


A session on mindfulness meditation to calm the mind and increase self-awareness is among the activities offered to delegates attending the Conference.

Labyrinth Walk

The labyrinth is an ancient form of reflective walk. Labyrinths have been known for several thousand years, having different shapes and styles according to the tradition from which they were birthed. It has long been used for purposes that are significant to the soul and well-being of the spirit.

Delegates attending the Conference will have an opportunity to engage in a reflective walk. Note that finger boards will also be available which provide an opportunity for people unable to walk to have a similar experience by tracing the board with their finger.

Grief in Six Words

This project recognises that “grief is a complex, heavy, frustrating, scary, topic. In the context of the project, grief starts with a death and envelopes everyone from family to friends, to friends of family and friends. Not only is grief an emotional, logistical, and existential nightmare, but it is taxing. It requires us to navigate a world without someone important, deal with complex feelings and emotions, and figure out ways to move forward when everything seems kind of bleak”.

Delegates will have an opportunity to post a six word note that expresses their take on grief.

Before I Die, I Want To....

The Before I die project grew out of a neighbourhood experiment by artist Candy Chang as an expression of her grief and depression after losing a loved one. Since then, it has become a global project; over 1,000 walls have been created in 35 languages over 70 countries. 

Delegates will have an opportunity to chalk up a response on a wall created especially for the Conference.